Priyank Trivedi

Looking for an opportunity in the fields of Machine Learning, Data Science or Computer Vision.

I am a Computer Science Graduate Student; specializing in Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Bio-Signal Analysis with an eye on Computer Vision and Genetic Algorithm. I have previous work experience as a Full Stack Web and Application Developer. I currently reside in Austin, Texas, US.
I find nothing more stimulating than analyzing and working with new technology to achieve more out of it. I am ambitious, hardworking, eager and motivated to apply overall academic as well as theoretical preparation into real-life scenarios with work experience and capabilities to support a range of technical knowledge for large and small scaled projects.
I am a quick learner with a trait of adaptability to any situation and work towards the desired ends with full dedication. I am a great play-maker for the team and a motivation towards achieving leaner process of achieving desired results.

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Work Experience

Intern - Machine Learning & Visualization @Skylark Innovations LLC.

Jul 2018

-Develop machine learning algorithms for accurate ETA calculations and Real-Time tracking of B2B fleet vehicles
-Define Technology Migration Strategy to enable integrated business operating systems
-Evaluate use of Laravel, Redis, Node.js and React frameworks for web applications

Graduate Research Assistant @Texas State University

Dec 2016

-Machine Learning-based Bio-signal (ECG, EMG, GSR, Thermography) Analysis for Automated Stress Level Detection
-Analysis of Bio-Signal collected from Veterans in Virtual Reality who are suffering from PTSD.
-Comparison of traditional machine learning and deep learning models for Bio-Signals analysis.
-Human joint detection and skeleton mapping on 3D plane using computer vision and machine learning

Grader for Department of Mathematics @Texas State University

Aug 2016

-Proctor and Grader for "Numerical Analysis" as well as "Calculus"

Web Developer & Designer @Bhanu Inspirations LLC.

Aug 2015

I worked as part of a small development team building Cash-Flow management system with PHP and front-end technologies. I worked on following:
-Developed cash flow management system in PHP
-Full-Stack web development with multi-device compatibility for further mobile application development.
-Private server(VPS) management and multi-server storage management.

Intranet Application Development @Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Jan 2015

Developed secure and stable communication and storage solution for government of India’s research facility as part of my internship. I did full stack web development using Asp.Net, C# and front-end technologies to build an intranet application. The resulting application had following functionality:
-Job (task) management system for inter-department usage.
-Intranet Real-Time messaging system
-Encrypted storage for internal data sets
-Encrypted communication system for secure content delivery and communication

IS Audit Intern @Bharat Parikh & Associates Chartered Accountants

June 2012

-Team Member of Information Systems & Technology audit team
-Part of ERP to SAP migration audit team

Network Security Engineer @BPA Professional Service Pvt. Ltd.

March 2012

-Proxy Based Network Implementation & Maintenance; Proxy implementation
-Network setup and configuration
-Off-site server management and maintenance support

Website Designer (Freelancer) (Discontinued)

May 2011

-Designed website for professional artist using HTML, CSS, JavaScript (J-query), Flash

Web Developer & Designer (Freelancer) @Bharat Parikh & Associates Chartered Accountants

March 2010

-Designed professional website using Flex ,Flash,HTML,CSS


Professional Skills

Machine Learning
Web Development
Web Designing
Application Development

Personal Skills

Team Work


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